Shanghai ZDAN International Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai free trade zone in 2005. Since its founding, the company will focus on the promotion and application of advanced and technological products and technologies from Russia and the CIS countries in the Chinese nuclear energy market. ZDAN is an exclusive agent representing the interests of NTP INKOR LLC, POSIT OJSC, IF SNIIP ATOM LLC, SKU-ATOM LLC, NZKhK PJSC, IZOSTER LLC, NTsVT Georgia, and It is a long-term strategic partner with Russian state-owned enterprises of the fuel company Rosatom TVEL, enterprises of the state corporation ROSATOM, JSC V/O Isotope, PJSC NCCP, Rosatom East Aisa, ChMZ in the Chinese market, and also maintains good relations with Russian institutions, such as JSC Afrikantov OKBM, State Research Center RF “IPPE”, Kurchatov Institute.

With a deep understanding of the relevant laws, regulations, and quality assurance systems of the National Nuclear Safety Administration and the National Bureau of Defense Science and Industry, as well as long-term implementation, ZDAN is honored to become a qualified supplier of China Nuclear Research and Development Institute, a nuclear company Jiangsu Energy, Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuqing Nuclear Energy Company, a Chinese external engineering company. In February 2017, she received ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification. In October 2018, ZDAN was pre-screened by Xinyuan Certification on behalf of China Nuclear Energy Corporation (CNNC) with excellent results. In November 2018, she was officially rated as a qualified CNNC provider.

 After almost ten years of tireless efforts by our colleagues and strong support from Russian partners, the company has formed the following main areas of activity in the nuclear industry:

1. Sales agent for the VVER core monitoring system, the exclusive agent for the sale of the core monitoring system and related technical services to the Russian company NTP INCOR LLC, POSIT        OJSC, and SNIIP ATOM LLC in mainland China.

2. Non-reactor neutron flux control system sales agent, exclusive agent for product sales and related technical services representations of the Russian company SKU-ATOM LLC in mainland China.

3. As an exclusive agent for lithium products manufactured by PJSC Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant in mainland China. Our company is responsible for the sale of lithium hydroxide monohydrate 7, manufactured by PJSC NCCP in mainland China to control the PH value of the coolant in the primary circuit of a nuclear power plant.

4. ZDAN has established good business contacts with Russian companies, such as the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation FEI, CJSC NTC Diaprom, is responsible for the sales of acoustic control systems for the coolant leaks of the upper reactor block, the coolant leakage control system for the main reactor circulation loop, and the detection system for free objects in the main circulation circuit, the noise diagnosis system of the reactor installation, a system for quickly detecting and determining the occurrence of primary coolant leaks, used in the subsystem for monitoring and diagnosing the reactor core produced by these Russian companies.

5. The company has established good relations with Chepetsk Mechanical Plant JSC, we are responsible for the sales and distribution of superconducting wires, niobium-titanium alloys and other high-purity materials in mainland China.